FLV File Extension (Flash Video)

What is FLV?

FLV, short for Flash Video, is a media file that uses Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air for transmitting audio or video over the internet. The .FLV extension has been the standard video format for a long time and is used by most of the embedded videos that you see on the internet today, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Hulu videos. However, most video streaming websites have stopped using FLV and have switched to the more modern HTML5 video player.

Since Adobe Flash Professional is now referred to as Adobe Animate, video files with FLV format that commonly used to be known as Flash Video files can now be called Animate Video files.

Applications that Can Open .FLV Files

How to Edit FLV Files

.FLV format is among the most prominent and common video formats used by most video sharing platforms nowadays, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and more. As much as they are smaller in size compared to other media formats, FLV video files can be quite hard to edit if the right software or program is not used. Fortunately, there are multiple ways in which .flv video files can be edited. Here we show you one of these methods.

The first part involves installing the K-Lite Codec Pack, which is a collection of audio and video codecs which allows an operating system and its software to play various audio and video formats that are not supported by the OS. Second, convert the FLV file to a format that is compatible with Windows Movie Maker, such as MP4. You can do this using our FLV to MP4 converter. Once converted, you can begin editing the video file in Windows Movie Maker and convert it back to FLV using our MP4 to FLV converter.

Advantages of FLV Format

Disadvantages of FLV Format